Funding to Industry to Partner with National Laboratories

Department of Energy Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for industry to directly access National Laboratory capabilities and work with LightMAT. For more detailed information, or to download the directed funding assistance application packet, visit the LightMAT Directed Funding Assistance Page.

Industry Options

Step 1

Identify a Money Opportunity

LightMAT FOA opportunities are available at and EERE Exchange, or you can always contact LightMAT directly for information.

Step 2

Identify LightMAT Capabilities You Need and Apply for Money

Contact LightMAT and we will help you identify capabilities that can be included in your FOA proposal to address your technical challenges and goals.

Step 3

Awards to Industry

If awarded, partner with your matched LightMAT national laboratories through a streamlined single agreement in as little as 30 days.

Step 4

Start Work

Begin work and access LightMAT capabilities that accelerate advanced lightweight material innovations and applications that benefit you!